Mission and Belief
We support and undertake creative work. Why? Because we believe in the words of the poet Maya Angelou. “People will forget what you say. They’ll forget what you do. But they will never forget how you make them feel”. That’s what matters. We believe it is through engaging storytelling, be it music, writing, performance, film or other, that human beings are best able to build the bridges of respect and empathy necessary to better understand and create the world around them. In fact, we’re pretty sure it is the only thing that does. We believe the best creative endeavor tells a story that becomes another’s experience, and in so doing, reveals the universal through the particular. This experience can move, provoke, and inspire in ways that best strengthen our most fundamental connections to ourselves and each other; to the most true and wild nature of our hearts. We believe it is this connection we most yearn for, the experience we most aspire to know, the most authentic part of our best selves we most hope to discover. It is why we do what we do.
Our Goals
Our goal is to deliver excellence and unimagined performance. For us, it’s not so much about being cutting edge. We get that. Innovation matters. But content matters more. Our goal is to be about what matters more. We believe that exceptional creative endeavor is best achieved in an environment of emotional safety. We strive to create a mutually supportive and respectful work environment in which creators are empowered to take risks, and challenge themselves to find their most authentic voice. We believe that the inherent nature of the creative process, is best when supported in such an environment. Nothing is more important to us. We are committed to the success of our partners. For us, integrity and generosity of spirit are central to those goals. Our vision is to create content that offers an experience that is joyful, connective, and insightful. Experience that matters.
What We Do
Founded in 1995. Wildheart was created in response to the changing landscape of entertainment and communications. Wildheart’s vision believes the successful generation of high quality entertainment and artistic endeavor must happen in an environment which engages artistic, marketing, merchandising, and producing skills, across divergent industries, synergistically. The company selectively develops, produces, and manages film, television, music, merchandising, and related media projects with the highest integrity, whose purpose is to serve and enhance the competitive strategic position and market value of a creative work. Wildheart has an international reach, producing in New York, Toronto, London, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Nashville, and Europe. Clients have included Sir George Martin (Beatles), PBS, SONY, Running Press (The Perseus Group), EMI, and numerous artists.
Our Team
Maxim Langstaff is an award winning producer/writer, the founding visionary of The Wildheart Group, whose work has been represented by the William Morris Agency and International Creative Management. Wildheart’s work has been distributed worldwide. Founded in 1995, Wildheart creates, produces and manages content across international media platforms, whose objective is to ensure its commercial and competitive edge in today’s market. More ...